Syndicat Mixte des Traversées du Delta du Rhône

The Barcarin ferry

The Barcarin ferry allows you to travel back and forth between Port Saint Louis du Rhône and Salin de Giraud.

It is specially designed for the very specific navigation conditions encountered near the river estuary.

Robust in design, the amphidromous ferry (two ways of loading and navigation)  benefits from a shallow draft and an incredible propulsion system which allows exceptional 360° mobility in 28 seconds.

The powertrains are completely independent. Likewise, electricity generation is twofold.

Operation 365 days a year from 4:20 a.m. to 2:00 a.m. The frequency of crossings depends on the time slot on the general principle of one crossing every ¼ hour during the day and one every ½ hour during night.

The service and therefore the schedules may be adapted in special circumstances: meteorology, hydrology, channel navigation, maintenance…

Access control and instructions for use

Control system on access roads to give priority to subscribers.

Access control: Control system on access routes to give priority to subscribers.

For your safety it is automated based on two-color traffic lights:

  • flashing orange means moving forward because authorized to board,
  • red means stop, wait.

État du trafic

Bac de Barcarin


Statistical estimation

Bac du Sauvage


Statistical estimation


Pas ou peu d'attente


Sûrement un peu d'attente​

Très chargé

Attente supérieure ou égale à 30 minutes


Trafic à l'arrêt

Ces informations sont représentatives du trafic au moment où elles sont mises à jour. Le SMTDR ne pourra être tenu responsable de l’évolution parfois rapide de l’affluence ou de la météo.

Traffic conditions

Barcarin ferry


Statistical estimation

Sauvage's Ferry


Statistical estimation


Little or no waiting


Probably a bit of a wait


Waiting greater than or equal to 30 minutes


Traffic stopped

This information is representative of traffic at the time it is updated. The SMTDR cannot be held responsible for the sometimes rapid change in attendance or the weather.